Impact Explorer is a 2D platformer where you scan and steal enemy abilities in order to overcome obstacles.  This was our second collaborative effort.  Here is what we were able to accomplish before abandoning the project.


  1. W,A,S,D keys to move
  2. Left click scans where the mouse is located (there is no feedback when you get the ability, it takes about a second of scanning an enemy to get their power)
  3. Right click uses the enemy ability
  4. Flowers allow you to shoot acid bolts
  5. The "Air Fish" (flying donut) allows you to perform an 8-way dash.  You control the dash using W,A,S,D (Pressing W and D then right clicking dash up and to the right diagonally)
  6. The spider allows you to hook onto and swing off the flat gray blocks
  7. Pressing down on the dead robot causes it to talk